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A Protected Officer Is Safer for Law Enforcement and the Public

The Vector Law Enforcement Shield was developed by a U.S. Army Special Forces medic (18D). He combined his skills as a medic with his knowledge of tactics to create a defensive system that protects law enforcement and in doing so, also protects the general public and schools.

The battlefield law enforcement faces every day is constantly evolving. Criminals have better technology, training, and tactics. Law enforcement tactics, equipment, and training need to evolve to succeed in combating crime and ensuring the safety of officers and the public.

Law enforcement is the backbone of society. These men and women put their lives at risk every day for the protection of the American people. Our mission is to save lives, both for law enforcement and citizens in dangerous situations.

An officer protected behind a Vector Shield is in the best position possible to de-escalate dangerous situations and is able to respond to threats in less-than-lethal ways where this was not an option before.

About the Inventor

I invented the Vector Law Enforcement De-Escalation Shield to keep citizens and law enforcement safe, so in a bad situation, both parties can just take a moment and talk, allowing the officer to professionally de-escalate the situation. The Vector is a new tool that protects both the public by functioning as a safety barrier and law enforcement by functioning as a shield, at the same time.

The Vector protects law enforcement officers as a defense shield from various attacks they may face during the commission of their jobs. Let’s face it, the police have a tough job keeping the streets of America safe for our families. If we can create better tools so citizens and the police can talk, potential violence can be averted, and we can all make the world a better place.

I invented this tool after seeing two videos that struck me to my core. The first video was of a police officer being shot by a perpetrator. The second video was of a boy being shot by a police officer. In both situations, if the officers had the Vector, maybe, just maybe, it would have given them enough protection and confidence to take a moment and assess the situations before they turned lethal. I want to give people those extra few seconds before lives are altered forever.

I would rather see an officer de-escalating a potentially dangerous situation with words and a shield than with a baton, pepper spray, or a gun.  Sometimes violence can be avoided with better choices. Vector builds those better choices that work.

As we travel the country, many law enforcement officers have asked me for more ballistic protection and better training, not more guns. I truly feel that there are a lot of good officers out there who really want to help people; all they need are better options and additional, innovative de-escalation training. We build tools and develop training to create peace.  These tools and our training are working. We are selling life-saving Vector De-Escalation Shields all across America to departments looking to be part of the new solution of creating peace. 

As a company, I promise that we will never build a tool that will kill another human being. We will look for new and innovative ways to help ensure that at the end of the day, both officers and citizens are able to go home to their families, and perpetrators are handled safely after the incident.

You can help us get this tool out to law enforcement by asking your local, state, or federal law enforcement officers if they are using the Vector De-Escalation Shield. Help us, so we can all be part of the solution and create peace.

I want to help create a world in which my grandson will only know peace. I believe that we as a nation are looking for a better solution to end violence.

Robert Scalli
Veteran U.S. Special Forces Medic (18D)
Inventor of the Vector Law Enforcement De-Escalation Shield and Vector De-Escalation Training Program

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve human life by building ballistic equipment and instructing tactics that protect both law enforcement and the general public.

We Love What We Do

We Can Save Lives

The Vector is the newest tool in the police inventory. The Vector Shields are being used in many states by federal,state and local law Enforcement. The Vector Shield will provide a protective barrier between the officer and the public keeping everyone safe.

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..You can definitely use my name any time and if anyone would like to talk, I would be glad to do so. I love the Vector Shield. I use it on all of our search warrants.

Sgt./Connecticut State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force

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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve human life by building ballistic equipment and instructing tactics that protect both law enforcement and the general public.
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