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Vector Tactical Situations

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    The Vector Centerline Protection Police Shield immediately stops attacks to the head, neck & upper chest of an officer.  Vector Safety Focused De-Escalation Training then allows that officer to de-escalate violence while protected when possible.

    Vector Centerline Protection Police Shields & Safety Focused De-Escalation Training have been proven to de-escalate violence while protecting officers in hundreds of documented police reports. The officers involved in an ever growing number of these professionally handled interactions with the public, were able to go home to their families & surrounding civilians were protected with no shots fired or escalation of force where it normally would have been used utilizing conventional tools & training.  This has worked against guns, knives, bats, machetes, attacking dogs & a whole host of physical assaults, even a machete.
    In addition to safety focused de-escalation, we also instruct active shooter training that has been proven to work in documented police reports to protect both officers & civilians.
    Disclaimer:  DUE TO THE SENSITIVE NATURE OF POLICE TRAINING, TACTICS WILL NOT BE SHOWN ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR OUR WEBSITE.  If you are credentialed law enforcement please contact us directly for a free demo.
    Stay safe & stay protected.”