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Video links from the front lines. We appreciate all the feedback.

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Connecticut State Police

…You can definitely use my name any time and if anyone would like to talk, I would be glad to do so. I love the Vector Shield. I use it on all of our search warrants.

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Massachusetts State Police

On April 12, 2018 a Yarmouth PD K9 was shot and killed after being shot point blank in the face. He was on a call with a Trooper with whom I am very close. I feel the use of the Vector Shield could have possibly protected this officer. A few months later another officer was overpowered, disarmed and ultimately shot and killed with his own weapon. The use of the Vector Shield could have possibly helped deescalate this situation while protecting the officer choosing not to use lethal force. This situation could have also possibly ended up in a better way than it did.

There are many uses for the Vector that have made being a member of a SWAT Team somewhat easier such as warrant services, motor vehicle takedowns, bus assaults, aircraft assaults, and entries in tight locations such as attics and closets. Aggressive animals upon entry into a residence are also a real threat. The Shield allows us to use less force than if we did not have the Vector.

As a member of a very busy unit, I speak for all team members when I say, “Thank you for caring about all law enforcement with the design and manufacture of this awesome piece of equipment.

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38 Year Veteran Officer

I am in my 38th year of full time law enforcement, retired once. I am back on the road in another agency. I train police officers and police canine teams in advanced patrol tactics. I attended the Vector Shield Instructor Course more than a year ago with officers from Rhode Island and Connecticut. I have carried a Vector Shield in my cruiser since that day.

I have deployed it numerous times on high risk motor vehicle stops, high risk warrant services and when clearing rooms. I have carried it into yards where I knew there were dogs. It is a great barrier to deflect an animal attack or an advance from a suspect.

The Shield is by far the most versatile piece of defense equipment for the patrol officer I have encountered. It is light, versatile in close quarters and the ballistic protection it provides is astounding. There was no arm fatigue during the shooting course or while searching for extended periods of time.

My son is a police officer in an urban environment. I rest easier knowing he has access to the Vector in his cruiser. There are endless uses for the Vector Shield. There is one reason to carry one and that is to increase your survivability.

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