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  • Block Attacks with Ease

    Block Attacks with Ease

    Protects an officer from explosive blasts, ricochets, knives, bats, and other blunt trauma attacks.
    Vector Shields
  • Versatile Protecion

    Versatile Protecion

    Perfect for attic peeks, looking around corners, door openings, and more.
    Vector Shields
  • Protect Officers Center Line

    Protect Officers Center Line

    The NIJ Level III Patrol Vector Shield protects officers from explosive blasts, bullets, and ricochets.
    Vector Shields
  • Tactical Training

    Tactical Training

    Tactics were created by a veteran Special Forces medic who was also a West Point combative instructor and LEO.
    Tactical Training

Tactical Situations

Tactical Situations

When De-Escalation Fails, Vector Shields Is There to Protect Officers

Tactical Gallery

Vector Shields Protects Officers in Tactical Situations

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"The Vector" Shield

The NIJ Level III Vector Shield is a light-weight, low profile, arm-secured shield that provides mobile ballistic and blunt force trauma protection to the upper body, face and neck of an officer.

Vector Shields help to de-escalate the use of force by providing a protective barrier between law enforcement and the public in confrontational situations. By de-escalating a situation, the Vector Shield decreases the chance of injury or death occurring to an officer, citizens, or pet.

Vector Shields are your only portable Level III line of defense against active shooters.

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..You can definitely use my name any time and if anyone would like to talk, I would be glad to do so. I love the Vector Shield. I use it on all of our search warrants.

Sgt./Connecticut State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force

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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve human life by building ballistic equipment and instructing tactics that protect both law enforcement and the general public.
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