Wendi S.

Vector Shields Wendy V
Federal LE Instructor/Managing Partner

Wendi was formerly a DOD contractor. She is currently a federal, state, and local law enforcement instructor, G-Licensed contractor and managing partner at Vector. 

She has worked hand-in-hand with Robert and law enforcement officers across the country for almost a decade to bring what you see as Vector Law Enforcement Shields and Training to the forefront of the law enforcement community.

Wendi believes that new tools and training need to be provided to law enforcement so they are better protected and can in turn better protect the communities they serve.  

Our training is unconventional and SF inspired.  Law Enforcement needs a different approach and we are providing it with better tools and the best training in the industry.

Our training is backed by law enforcement officers across the country who have saves using our product at the federal, state and local levels.  References are available upon request.

Please call Wendi directly 24/7 if you are interested in a free, no-obligation demo at your department or have any questions about our shields and customized training programs.

Wendi loves serving the law enforcement community and has a passion for saving lives.