Thomas G

Advisor / Sales

Retired US Army Special Forces Warrant Officer

Thomas started his military career in college in ROTC. After three years in the program he decided to go on active duty as an Air Force medic and worked as an independent duty tech/physician extender in Athens Greece. After leaving active duty he continued his college education, received a BA in History and Political Science, attended Graduate School and then law school. During his final undergraduate studies he joined the Army Reserve and was assigned to the 11thSFG(A) where he qualified as an SF Medic, then a 91B3S, now 18D series. After serving several years in that capacity with multiple worldwide deployments, he cross trained as an 18B and 18E and requalified as an Intelligence Sergeant 18F before being accepted to and attending the 180A, Warrant Officer program in 1988. At the conclusion of his training and acceptance of his commission he was reassigned as the SF warrant/ODA commander on ODA 222, then on ODA 221 where he served as the ODA Commander. Upon completion of those tours of duty in 1990, he went back on active duty and served as the Group S-3 Warrant Officer for the 12thSFG(A) until its inactivation in 1994. He was reassigned to US Army intelligence as a 350B and DIA instructor for several years before leaving active duty and returning to the reserve components and subsequent assignment to the J-3 operations training division of SOCCENT. He retired from service in 2001 after serving a combined 27 years active and reserve in the Air Force and US Army. As a civilian, he has served as a PADI Dive master, USPA Coach Course Director, USPA S/L instructor, USPA Safety and Training Advisor.  He attained credentials as a gunsmith, master firearms instructor, SWAT and Counter Terrorism Instructor, martial arts instructor, public safety advisor, Certified Homeland Security level 5 (CHS-V) and currently is the business owner of Eagle Tactical Systems.