Richard T. (R.A.T.)

Tactical Advisor
Advisor / Instructor / Sales

R.A.T. is a USMC Retired 1st Sgt/E-8 Infantryman. He served as the chief trainer, chief instructor, instructor trainer, instructor and a curriculum developer at four formal Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) producing school houses, training, and certifying students for operations or instruction throughout the Marine Corps.  He also was a certified instructor of close quarters battle (CQB), designated marksmanship, nonlethal weapons, oleoresin capsicum, electronic explosive detection, counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED), anti-terrorism/force protection, tactical automated security systems, dynamic breaching, physical security and tactics, martial arts and Monadnock defensive tactics. He was the general manager of a tactics and operational medicine training group training high profile clientele. R.A.T. has also had numerous stints in executive and close protection and was Maricopa County Sheriffs Posseman NRA Life Patron member and instructor. R.A.T. loves long walks on short beaches, his favorite color is clear and he will try anything four times.