Peter B. “Doc”

Advisor / Sales

Medicine and Science / Product and Accessory Refinement / Instruction Material and Training Development / Special Projects Consultant

"Doc" is an MD who completed a full, diverse residency in general surgery. He has practiced emergency medicine for more than three decades and is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. His experiences include recognition, management, and coordination of care of all ages of patients.

In the ER, patients often have dangerous combinations of psychiatric illness, drug and alcohol intoxication, antisocial behaviors, and situational stress conditions manifested along with medical problems and traumatic injury requiring experienced management. Situational de-escalation, including efficient and judicious orchestration of security, social services, psychiatric personnel, as well as nursing staff is essential. Staff and patient safety are paramount while formulating a timely diagnosis, effective treatment plan, disposition while voiding the use of unnecessary medication.

"Doc" has been teaching nurses, physician assistants, medical students, residents and most importantly, patients on how to manage their own conditions.  He has recently been helping to optimize and convey more aspects of de-escalation in on-site and remote instruction in the use of the Vector Shield.